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We recently had the pleasure of working with a great pair of pastors — Kevin and Andrea Reid of CityHeart Church located in Jackson, MS. CityHeart is a part of the ARC (Association of Related Churches). If you are unfamiliar with ARC you should definitely check them out. I recently heard a statistic that of the nearly 600 churches planted by ARC that over 98% are still alive and thriving.

CityHeart Church was amazing to work with. They are located in Jackson, MS and will be launching September 2017. We’ve already launched a custom website (you can view it here) as well as assisted them with print materials such as business cards and postcards. The website already features online giving through (these guys are awesome too, be sure to check them out). You’ll notice a great amount of detail in the launch strategy section of the website that keeps everyone in the know about where the church is on their process towards the launch date.

We have a heart for the church and for people like Kevin and Andrea Reid. Let us help you get things rolling with custom graphic services or a subscription based web service.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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